Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's a boy! No, wait, it's a Man - PitchMan!

PitchMan was born Sunday March 25, 2012 in the wee hours of morning while the sun was still sleeping. PitchMan was introduced to the world at a presentation to the Virginia Tech Human Factors & Ergonomics Society (HFES) student chapter the very next day. Witnesses learned from his lovely shape how to construct a simple 30-second pitch that could be used as an elevator speech, for introducing someone else, and for various situations.


The concept is pretty simple, and starts with having a clear purpose. Then go from the feet upward.
  1. Starting with with the feet, state your (first) name and organization.
  2. Next are the legs - your position and department.
  3. a & b - Arms & Body
    • arms are two responsibilities in your position (or research or sales idea) and the
    • body is a very short case demonstrating how you use those responsibilities (and how that relates to your audience's interests).
  4. Then you restate your name and organization (head).
  5. The final step is to ask a question - referred to as a Closing Action Question. This could be as simple as "can we exchange business cards so we stay in touch?" or an ask for a sale, or a "did you know" fact to leave the audience pondering an issue you will then talk about further if given the chance.
  Keys include:
  • PitchMan is easy to remember.
  • PitchMan's feet stand on a solid purpose.
  • PitchMan is malleable depending on your purpose.
  • PitchMan is short! Only 30 seconds!
  • PitchMan is young and may evolve.

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