Thursday, April 5, 2012

TechPad Testimonial

I had the good fortune of hearing Bob Summers give a TechPad presentation both at the Roanoke Blacksburg Technology Council (RBTC) Tech & Toast on 3/15/12 and at the Lyric as part of Community Voices on 3/27/12. His presentation was excellent! And even Bob was pleased with input to improve his slides for next time.

What Could Have Been - Simulation of slide makeover for Bob's opening slide: Fonts were changed from grey to black and increased to 60, 36, 24 Tahoma font to increase readability and counter the bright stage lighting that washed out text, especially near the bottom of the screen.

 "This is awesome! We had some discussion about the lights during the sound check process. Main problem is the lights are on or off, which washed out the slides. Your suggestions would have made a difference and could have easily been incorporated on the fly. Did not even think to change the slides that way. "
- Bob Summers, TechPad Founder & Director at 460 Angels, March 28, 2012



Last Impression and Contact Info - Example makeover of final slide:
The logo image was increased 30% from 3.08 "(h) x 3.79 "(w) to 4.0" (h) x 4.91" (w).
The font was increased 100% from 18 point font to 36 point font.

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