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 Bike-Ped Makeover

 Bike Lane Map Makeover -  Larger map, called out Legend, larger font bullet, title with no shadow, renaming of title to match report's map title. A lighter shade of blue was used to make the contrast between the black text font and the background better and more readable.

Beth Lohman - image (Blacksburg Corridor Committee)
Beth Lohman
"The presentation revisions worked really well. I could talk about the slide while people skimmed the text or viewed the pictures, instead of spending time reading text.  I think the best revisions were to the map and table slides.  Pulling the legend out to the side and rearranging the explanatory text actually make the slide understandable to the Committee. We greatly appreciate the revisions. The feedback provides tremendous benefit for future presentations to council, the committee, and the public – and to future presentations on other projects."  
-Elizabeth Lohman, Town of Blacksburg Corridor Committee Member, April 4, 2012

 From Table to Readable - The original slide here shows a table that could likely be read in a printed report but that is an unreadable when presented on a slide. The details are unnecessary. The purpose of this slide appears to be to show the cost of the orange line and three of its components. The slide on the right shows how this same information can be reconfigured to be much more clear to the audience. The slide also uses a large, readable font and a lighter background to provide a high color contrast between the black font and the light blue.

TechPad Makeover
What Could Have Been - Simulation of slide makeover for Bob's opening slide: Fonts were changed from grey to black and increased to 60, 36, 24 Tahoma font to increase readability and counter the bright stage lighting that washed out text, especially near the bottom of the screen.

Bob Summers - image (TechPad, 460 Angels)
Bob Summers
"This is awesome! We had some discussion about the lights during the sound check process.  Main problem is the lights are on or off, which washed out the slides.  Your suggestions would have made a difference and could have easily been incorporated on the fly. Did not even think to change the slides that way. "
- Bob Summers, TechPad Founder & Director at 460 Angels,  March 28, 2012

Last Impression and Contact Info - Example makeover of final slide: The logo image was increased 30% from 3.08 "(h) x 3.79 "(w) to 4.0" (h) x 4.91" (w).
The font was increased 100%  from 18 point font to 36 point font.

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Focus on FreshAiR logo - Removing the difficult-to-read light grey text on the original slide allows the audience to focus in on the larger, more readable FreshAiR logo, the focus of the presentation.
The logo was increased by 65%. The text can then be introduced 1-element-at-a-time later in the presentation using a more readable, black font.

Dan Burgess - image (FreshAiR, MoGo Mobile)
Dan Burgess
"Erik has a keen eye for excellent presentations, and a good understanding of what makes a presentation exceptional. He provided us with a lot of very detailed feedback on our presentation, which will be immensely helpful going forward as we continue to sharpen our pitch." 
-Daniel Burgess, MoGo Mobile Co-Founder & FreshAiR presenter, April 17, 2012

Tell the Story - The new slide displays the large image better 
and maximizes comprehension.
Removed the unnecessary drop shadow, covered the background logo and header, and used the entire screen.
The image was cropped and increased by 22%.

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  1. The BEFORE and AFTER examples are great!
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