Saturday, September 8, 2012

HFES User-Friendly Presentations

CANCELLED Sign up now for my workshop, User-Friendly Presentations: Pitches, Guidelines, Makeovers & Tools, on Monday, 10/22/12 as part of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society's 56th Annual Meeting. CANCELLED
  • Want to design a presentation that is both easy to deliver and easy for your audience to follow and understand?
  • Did you know oral communication skills was ranked #1 and presentation skills was listed as another important work-related skill in a HFES member educational needs survey?
Join Dr. Erik CB Olsen starting at 1:30 pm for HFES Workshop #7 - a new, interactive presentations workshop.
·         After individual “personal pitches” participants will then learn a method of organizing their ideas into a presentation – before turning on the computer.
·         Then we’ll review Durso’s 5 PowerPoint slide guidelines on font, color, layout, charts, and comprehension.
·         We will then collectively learn to conduct slide makeovers.

The workshop will benefit a mixed audience including students and people new to human factors as well as experienced presenters who want to fine-tune their presentation skills.
  •  No experience making presentations is required but knowing the basics of PowerPoint or Keynote is useful.
  • Participants are encouraged to submit electronic slides prior to the workshop.
See the full HFES description online, visit the registration page or go to

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